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Vintage Port 1969

SucklingDeclared housesKnown brandsComment
1969Very poor7212

Declared brands that we know of are the following 2:

Quinta de Vargellas

HouseQuinta de Vargellas
ColourYellow mature in colour.Number of tastings3
BouquetViolet, crème caramel, cacao, dark chocolate, some alcohol and old grocery shop in the nose.Score range16.00 - 16.75
TasteMedium body. Mature and at its peak maybe even a little old but balanced and with some old but quite delicate acidity. Violet and burned sugar in flavour. A quite elegant and complex finish. Quite extraordinary for the vintage year but drink up, will not be better.Average score16.38
Last tasted2nd February 2019Point this date16.40
CommentAt home with the family.
This was the only house declared this vintage to our knowledge.
TastersSAI, JB, SS

Last tasted:

6th August
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30th July
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Wiese & Krohn 1957
28th July
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Graham 1966
27th July
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22nd July
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16th July
Burmester 1998


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