Est. 2011

About us

We are three Swedish enthusiasts of port wine and Vintage Port in particular. Located in southern Sweden we are all members of the The Danish Port Wine Club est. 1981 and the Wine Society 18% in Malmö, Sweden.

  • Sten Ivarsson -
  • Jörgen Bergengrip -
  • Stefan Sällberg -
  • We would like to thank the following for their generous offer of vintage ports which they have shared with us:
    The late Ole Vesterdahl and his wife Gerda.
    (Ole was the one as crazy as Sten in Port and introduced him in the Port Wine Club)
    Anders G Åkesson

    We would also like to thank:
    The Danish Port Wine Club est. 1981
    The Wine Society 18%, Malmö, Sweden

    and of course our wives for their participation in our hobby.

    ‘The first duty of Port is to be red’
    Ernest Cockburn

    ‘Wine is a drink for boys – Port for men’

    ‘Any time not drinking port is a waste of time’
    Percy Croft

    ‘The shortest way between two people is a smile - the lasting one a glass of Port!’
    Robert Heinrich Metasch (President of The Port Wine Club est. 1981 in Copenhagen)

    ‘Be sometimes to your country true,
    Have once the public good in view.
    Bravely despise Champagne at Court,
    And choosen to dine at home with Port’

    Jonathan Swift 1793

    ‘If out of sort we stick to port
    The medicine of soul
    A ruby gleam - a tawny dream
    The vintage is the goal’

    Last tasted:

    30th May
    Quinta da Prelada 2011
    22nd May
    Caves Santa Marta 2002
    21st May
    Duff Gordon
    Osborne 1997
    Fonseca 1997
    Graham 1994
    Quinta de Agua Alta
    Churchill 1998
    Quinta do Cachao
    Messias 1997
    Quinta Dona Matilde
    Barros 1996
    Quinta de Ervamoira
    Ramos Pinto 1994
    Quinta do Noval 1997
    Quinta da Roeda
    Croft 1997
    Quinta do Sagrado
    Calem 1994
    Quinta do Sagrado
    Calem 1997
    Warre 1994


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