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We have a lot of visitors from all over the world and we are sure that some of you have knowledge about some of the things that we have not been able to find information about. Perhaps you can help us to do this page even more interesting and help us with some questions we have.

We have got the information that the producer Comp. Uniao des Vinhos do Porto e Madeira should in fact be part of Gran Cruz. But why did they use so many different brands for the same Vintage? Comp. Uniao des Vinhos do Porto e Madeira stands behind the following brands that are all available only from one Vintage - 1989. (And then there are Cruz labled under their own label from 1989 as well).

  • Aguila
  • Cabraco
  • Calvares
  • Dom Joaquim
  • Magales
  • We have no information about the shippers:

  • Armando Borrajo Vasques Osario
  • Elviro Garcia
  • Quinta da Barca Castedo
  • A. Reis
  • We do not know which Port Houses these Wine Merchants have bottled, and know nothing about the Wine Merchants.

  • Bestle
  • Bettencourt
  • F. de Koenig
  • Rosengaards Vinhandel
  • C.F. Stroh
  • We do not know which Port House these Wine Merchants have bottled

  • Charlie
  • Gilbey
  • Harvey's
  • Hedges-Butler
  • Hedobald Petersen
  • Waagepetersen
  • The following is a list of declared vintages that we have seen referenced in one place or another, but the sources are somewhat inreliable and we have not been able to confirm these vintages. If you have any information about these we would be thankful.
    Uncertain Vintages

    We have tasted a bottle we do not even know which year this was. It was a dark blue label but we could not read it.
    We do not know the Port House or anything except it is from the wine merchant Hans Andersen in Copenhagen, Denmark.
    The only readable part of the label says 'Dark Vintage'. Any help on this would be much appreciated.
    Tasting notes
    Dark Vintage

    Last tasted:

    28th May
    Butler Nephew 1960
    27th May
    Barros 1982
    20th May
    Maynard 2002
    19th May
    Quinta dos Malvedos
    Graham 2012
    13th May
    Alves de Sousa 2009
    8th May
    Messias 1982
    5th May
    Quinta Vale D. Maria 2011
    4th May
    Messias 1965
    Messias 1967
    Messias 1997
    Messias 2003
    Messias 2005
    Messias 2007
    Messias 2011
    Quinta do Cachao
    Messias 1960
    Quinta do Cachao
    Messias 1963
    Quinta do Cachao
    Messias 1967
    Quinta do Cachao
    Messias 1970
    Quinta do Cachao
    Messias 1977
    Quinta do Cachao
    Messias 1979
    Quinta do Cachao
    Messias 1982
    Quinta do Cachao
    Messias 1983
    Quinta do Cachao
    Messias 1984
    Quinta do Cachao
    Messias 1989
    Quinta do Cachao
    Messias 2009


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