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Quinta do Chousa

Quinta do Chousa

Owner Symington family

Quinta do Chousa appeared on Forrester’s map. Until 1890 it belonged to Viscondessa de Ervedosa and was acquired by Franciisci de Rocha Leao then. In the 1930s it was purchased by Antonio de Crastro and Cockurn bought it from him in 1973. Quinta do Chousa is a part of Quinta do Tua and was in 1995 a Single Quinta Vintage Port from Martinez and in 2006 sold to the Symington family.

Quinta do Chousa Vintages:1995

Vintage Port tasting notes:

Last tasted:

24th October
Quinta Nova
Burmester 1996
22nd October
Pocas Jr 2007
17th October
Fonseca-Guimaraens 1988
16th October
Quinta da Gricha
Churchill 2006
9th October
Feist 1977
Fonseca 1977
Taylor 1977
8th October
Smith Woodhouse 2005
25th September
Quinta do Retiro Novo 2000
Wiese-Krohn 2005


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