Danish bottled unknown 1960 Vintage Port

Few weeks ago we had a bottle of 1960 Vintage Port bottled by a Danish wine merchant – Fredriksberg Vinimport A/S. As you can see from the picture there was no indication of the producer on the label or anywhere else on the bottle. Since it was imported on barrel and bottled in Denmark by Fredriksberg Vinimport  the cork did not reveal the secret either.

The quality of the Port was really nice and it turned out to be perfectly mature and still holding a rich rather sweet bouquet of toffee and fudge. This was followed by a soft elegant taste, perhaps not as long lasting in the mouth as the best 1960 Vintage Ports but still very lovely.

Do any of our Danish visitors know which house Fredriksberg Vinimport used to bottle at this time? The current owners of the Fredriksberg Vinimport Company have kindly responded that they do not have any records from that time.

When it comes to the certificate on the label it is stating ‘Certificado de Origem de Vinho Do Porto. No. 11193’, we have never seen this on any Vintage Port before. What does it mean? It does not even say who has certified the wine, it is just a number. The normal way to guarantee a Vintage Port today is by using the slip label over the cork, but this seems to be something completely different. Do any of our many Portuguese visitors know what the certificate is saying? We have tried to get information about the certificate but nobody seems to know about it?


Please also note that we have a page titled Help needed. Unfortunately we have not got any help at all during the years. We are sure that some of you could actually help us finding the truth about some of these questions we have. For instance we have not found any information about some of the producers we have seen and even tasted. Please check the page and see if you can help making this web site even better.

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