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Semi-Great Vintage Port Tasting

Vintage 1988

The Wine Society 18% had a Semi-Great Tasting 15 September 2016 of the Vintage 1988. This Vintage was an off vintage, and was judge as Average. Known Brands was 16 and only 11 houses declared. Michael Broadbent gave this vintage * out of 5*.

We call it Semi-Great because we had only 10 Vintages and 1 LBV and not 20 Vintages which is our limit for calling it a Great Tasting. In addition to the 11 Vintages we had one extra port in order to remember one of our members who have died during the summer. This was a Vintage 1931 from Hunt. We were 14 participants in the tasting. The tasting was blind.

See Our Points to translate it to 100 points scale. The vintage made some very attractive wines, but it is not surprising none of the major houses declared 1988. We think the wines are rather lean and one-dimensional, but some are very attractive and worth hunting and some will even develop a little more which surprise us.

Terra Feita and Vargellas 1988
Taylors 1988

Tasting notes. Note that the points are for the actual bottle tasted. Read about how we set point on the page "How to understand our points valuations"

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HouseChurchill LBVVintage1988
ColourStill blue and dark in colour.
BouquetMulberry, toffee, cacao, some violet and vanilla in the nose.
TasteMedium body. Mature and peaking. Cacao and toffee in taste. Quite elegant but rather dry with a rather short but quite nice finish
SAI point15.90JB point15.75SS point15.25Group point15.11
SAI rank7JB rank4SS rank9Group rank7
Commentbottled 1993
HouseFonseca GuimaraensVintage1988
ColourStill very dark but with a yellow mature colour.
BouquetToffee, cacao, butterscotch, violet, ginger and old grocery shop in the nose.
TasteQuite full-bodied. Mature and now almost peaking but will probably be better. Elegant and balanced port. Very tasty with cacao, coffee, butterscotch and much more in taste. Complex with a wonderful finish.
SAI point16.90JB point16.75SS point16.75Group point16.70
SAI rank1JB rank1SS rank1Group rank3
HouseQuinta do Bomfim DowVintage1988
ColourMature, quite yellow in colour.
BouquetFudge, crème caramel, dark chocolate dark berry and vanilla in the nose.
TasteAlmost full-bodied. Mature and peaking and surprisingly sweet but balanced and elegant. Tasty with violet and cacao in the mouth. Quite long and attractive finish.
SAI point16.00JB point15.40SS point15.50Group point15.39
SAI rank6JB rank9SS rank7Group rank5
HouseQuinta da Cavadinha WarreVintage1988
ColourAmber, yellow mature in colour.
BouquetToffee, crème caramel, liquorice, dried fruit, cacao and roasted coffee in the nose.
TasteMedium body. Mature and now peaking. Elegant and balanced but quite sweet. Cacao, peaches and dried fruit in taste. Quite nice finish.
SAI point15.90JB point15.50SS point15.40Group point14.61
SAI rank7JB rank7SS rank8Group rank9
HouseQuinta do PanascalVintage1988
ColourYellow mature in colour.
BouquetCacao, coffee, old grocery shop, cherry, some liquorice and dried fruit in the nose.
TasteMedium body. Mature and peaking Will probably not be better but have still some elegant tannin. Cacao, dried fruit and some coffee in taste. Quite attractive finish.
SAI point16.25JB point15.75SS point15.90Group point15.71
SAI rank5JB rank4SS rank5Group rank4
HouseQuinta de la RosaVintage1988
ColourMature, yellow in colour.
BouquetCrème caramel, cacao, toffee, coffee and dried fruit and Christmas spiciness in the nose.
TasteMedium body. Mature and peaking. Will probably not be better but has still some very elegant and soft tannin. Christmas spiciness, cacao and dried fruit in taste. Balanced with sweetness but very elegant. Have a quite attractive and complex finish.
SAI point16.40JB point15.90SS point15.75Group point16.25
SAI rank4JB rank3SS rank6Group rank6
HouseQuinta do Sagrado CalemVintage1988
ColourYellow mature in colour.
BouquetPharmacy, old hospital with ether but also some dark berry and dried fruit in the nose.
TasteMedium body. Not balanced with some volatile acidity with some pharmacy in taste but quite drinkable but not quite enjoyable. Better in taste than in nose. The finish is acceptable.
SAI point13.90JB point13.90SS point13.90Group point13.18
SAI rank10JB rank10SS rank10Group rank10
CommentThis bottled is defect but not undrinkable
HouseQuinta de Terra Feita TaylorVintage1988
ColourStill quite dark but yellow quite mature in colour.
BouquetCacao, fudge, butterscotch, some roasted coffee and a hint of menthol in the nose.
TasteAlmost full-bodied. Mature and peaking. Some menthol and fudge in taste. Balanced a hint of sweetness but elegant with an attractive and quite long finish.
SAI point16.50JB point16.00SS point16.50Group point16.11
SAI rank3JB rank2SS rank2Group rank2
HouseQuinta de Vargellas TaylorVintage1988
ColourStill very dark but a nice yellow mature rim in colour.
BouquetCrème caramel, some violet, butterscotch, liquorice, roasted coffee beans, and dark chocolate in the nose.
TasteAlmost full-bodied. Almost mature and peaking bur still soft tannin and will probably be better. Balanced and elegant. Violet, cacao and crème caramel in taste. A lovely complex port with a quite long and very attractive finish.
SAI point16.75JB point15.75SS point16.40Group point16.25
SAI rank2JB rank4SS rank3Group rank1
HouseQuinta do Vau SandemanVintage1988
ColourYellow mature in colour.
BouquetToffee, roasted coffee, fudge, cherry and cedar in the nose.
TasteMedium body. Mature and on top. Sweet but balance and quite elegant. Butterscotch, cherry and fudge in taste. Rather long and very nice finish. Will not be better so drink up!
SAI point15.75JB point15.50SS point16.25Group point15.00
SAI rank9JB rank7SS rank4Group rank8

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