Est. 2011

Quinta da Revolta

Quinta da Revolta

Owner Moreira da Silva family

Quinta da Revolta is a quinta located in Campanha, in the city of Oporto. Quinta da Revolta was built between the 17th and 18th centuries and owes its curious name to a possible riot around that time. The quinta was the summer home of one of the great families of Oporto, the Viscounts of Balsemão, who in 1851 left the property to his brother, José Alvo Pinto de Sousa Coutinho de Balsemão, later to sell to the capitalist Porto José Duarte de Oliveira. In turn, in 1918, the Quinta was bought by Alfredo Moreira da Silva, grower, whose family still own it today.

Quinta da Revolta Vintages:2002, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2012

Vintage Port tasting notes:

HouseQuinta da RevoltaVintage2006
ColourBlack in colour.Number of tastings1
BouquetShy nose of berry and fruit.
TasteMedium body. Immature but easy to drink and like. Lots of tannins. Will not be a long runner but has a nice and rather attractive finish.
Last tasted27th June 2009Rating this dateGood
CommentAt the Danish Port Wine Club est. 1981 trip to Duoro.

Port so young we evaluate only as : Good – Very good- Impressive – Very Impressive
HouseQuinta da RevoltaVintage2009
ColourDark blue in colour.Number of tastings1
BouquetBlackberry, mulberry and blueberry in the nose.Score range15.00 - 15.00
TasteMedium body. Soft tannins and will be better. Very fruity and blackberry in taste. Easy to drink and quite elegant with a nice finish.Average score
Last tasted12th September 2014Point this date15.00
CommentIn Vinologia’s Bar in Oporto at the trip to Oporto – Duoro with the Port Wine Club est. 1981 in Copenhagen.
TastersSAI, JB

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