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Quinta dos Murças

Quinta dos Murças

There are no exact record of when the quinta was founded but the first written reference to Quinta dos Murças dates back to 1770, in the wine shipping log of the wine company. However, the quinta existed under another name since 1714, belonging to António Cardoso de Vasconcelos. It later became known as Quinta dos Murças. This quinta was marked on Forresters map in 1758 and was owned by Manuel da Silveira Pinto and his family to the beginning of the 2000th century. The quinta was sold repeatedly until until 1943, when Manuel Pinto de Azevedo took over the running of the quinta. Quinta dos Murças remained in the same family until 2008, when the Esporão group bought the property from Manuel Pinto de Azevedo’s great-grandchildren.

Over the years other quintas have been incorporated, such as Quinta do Vale Figueira and Quinta do Campo Redondo.

Quinta dos Murças Vintages:2011, 2015

Vintage Port tasting notes:

HouseQuinta dos MurcasVintage2015
ColourDeep red with purple rimNumber of tastings1
BouquetGrape juice, dark berries, mulberry and a bit alcoholicScore range15.00 - 15.00
TasteGrape juice, quite a lot of tannins, mulberry.Average score
Last tasted25th November 2019Point this date15.00
CommentTasted at Munskänkarna, Malmö.
TastersSAI, JB, SS

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