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Quinta do Bom Retiro

Quinta do Bom Retiro - Ramos Pinto

Owner Champagne Louis Roederer Group

Until 1772 it belonged to Luis Beleza de Andrade, one of the founders of the Pombaline Companhia Geral da Agriculyura das Vinhas do Alto Douro, from whom it passed to Joao Henrique de Margalhaes, an o Oporto wine exporter, and remained in his family until the second decade of the 20th century. The original Quinta was larger and split into two – Bom Retiro Grande and Bom Retiro Pequeno and the Grande now known as Bom Retiro was inherited to Dr. Luis de Magalhaes and later passed to Luis Cipriano Coelho de Margalhaes and his wife who sold it 1919 to Adriano Ramos Pinto.

Quinta Bom Retiro was the first Douro quinta with vertical planting. The quinta also have some very old walled terraces which are retained for historical reasons. Quinta da Urtiga was incorporated in Bom Retiro in 1933.

Quinta do Bom Retiro Vintages:1847 (Cockburn, Bottled November 1849), 1861 (bottled by Eddison 1864), 1870 (Feuerheerd), 1875 (Feuerheerd), 1881 (Feuerheerd), 1916, 1922, 1924, 1927, 1934, 1935, 1997, 2014, 2018

Vintage Port tasting notes:

HouseQuinta Bom Retiro
Ramos Pinto
ColourVery dark ruby almost dark blue in colour.Number of tastings1
BouquetRather closed bouquet with dark berry, mulberry and blackberry in the nose.Score range15.50 - 15.50
TasteMedium body. Of course still lots of tannin and will be much better but balanced with dark berry and mulberry in taster. The finish is wonderful and loaded with tannin.Average score
Last tasted16th June 2018Point this date15.50
CommentAt Ramos Pinto’s lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.
TastersSAI, JB, SS

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