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Smith Woodhouse

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Madalena is Smith Woodhouse's singel quinta label, which lies along the river bed of the ‘Torto’, one of the tributaries of the Douro, famous for its top rated production. In fact the ‘Rio Torto’ is acknowledged as having the highest concentration of top quality vineyards in the Douro. This Single Quinta Vintage Port is grown at Quinta da Madalena and is usually produced in secondary years.

Madalena Vintages:1982, 1988, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2005

Vintage Port tasting notes:

Smith- Woodhouse
ColourYellow mature quite beautiful in colour.Number of tastings3
BouquetBurned sugar, burned candy, dark cacao, toffee and crème caramel in the nose.Score range15.40 - 16.40
TasteMedium body. Mature and peaking. Burned sugar, crème caramel and toffee in taste with some sweetness. Easy to drink and like. A quite long and attractive finish.Average score15.93
Last tasted10th August 2018Point this date16.40
CommentIn a wine friend’s home.
TastersSAI, JB, SS
Smith- Woodhouse
ColourDark blue in colour.Number of tastings1
BouquetFruity and berry in the nose.Score range15.00 - 15.00
TasteMedium body. Fruity flavour. Lots of tannin and immature. Good finish. Will be better.Average score15.00
Last tasted19th May 2005Point this date15.00
CommentOn a trip to USA.
Smith- Woodhouse
ColourStill quite dark ruby but yellow mature edge.Number of tastings6
BouquetCoffee, dark chocolate, cacao, cream candy and old grocery shop in the nose.Score range15.90 - 16.25
TasteMedium body. Mature and on top. Coffee, candy and cacao in taste with red berries. Elegant and balanced with an attractive and quite long finish.Average score16.14
Last tasted9th December 2019Point this date16.25
CommentAt the Wine Society 18% Tasting in Malmö.
1 bottle has not been good (unclean barrels).
TastersSAI, JB, SS
Smith- Woodhouse
ColourYellow mature in colour but still rather dark.Number of tastings7
BouquetToffee, fudge, cream candy, sweet liquorice, some ginger and spiciness in the nose.Score range15.75 - 16.00
TasteMedium body. Mature and almost peaking. Elegant, quite sweet but balance port with toffee, sweet liquorice, cream candy and butterscotch in taste. Easy to drink with a quite attractive finish.Average score15.82
Last tasted24th July 2019Point this date16.00
CommentAt home with the family.
TastersSAI, JB, SS
Smith- Woodhouse
ColourStill quite dark but yellow mature in colour.Number of tastings3
BouquetToffee, cream candy, sweetmeats and dried fruit as French plums in the nose.Score range16.25 - 16.50
TasteMedium body. Mature and almost peaking but still with some very soft tannin and will probably be better. Balanced and quite elegant. Dried fruit, mature fruit and cream candy in taste. Easy to drink and like with a nice and rather long finish. Will be interesting to follow.Average score16.38
Last tasted29th February 2020Point this date16.25
CommentTasted at the Port Wine Fair in Roskilde, Denmark.
TastersSAI, JB, SS

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