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George Thienpont

George Thienpont

George Thienpont was a Belgian wine merchant from Etichove. We do not know which producers he bottled.

George Thienpont Vintages:1944, 1955

Vintage Port tasting notes:

HouseGeorge ThienpontVintage1944
ColourBeautiful yellow, mature in colour.Number of tastings1
BouquetElegant bouquet of toffee, fudge, ginger, cinnamon, spring flowers and spiciness in the nose.Score range18.00 - 18.00
TasteMedium body. Mature and on top. Very sweet and elegant. Spiciness, ginger, cinnamon and lots of other things in the taste. Very complex and balanced with an incredible finish. What a port!Average score
Last tasted20th March 2014Point this date18.00
CommentAt the Wine Society18% tasting in Malmö.
This port maybe a Sandeman
TastersSAI, JB, SS
HouseGeorge ThienpontVintage1955
ColourYellow, mature in colour.Number of tastings1
BouquetToffee, fudge, dried fruit, some spiciness and a hint of pharmacy in the nose.Score range16.25 - 16.25
TasteMedium body. Mature and peaking. Will not be better. Balanced and elegant with dried fruit and some spiciness I taste. Lovely but maybe a little short finish.Average score
Last tasted16th November 2017Point this date16.25
CommentAt the Wine Society 18% Great Tasting in Malmö.

In 2017 this vintage took part in a Great Tasting in the Wine Society 18%. For points and ranking see Great Tastings.
TastersSAI, JB, SS

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