Est. 2011

Casa de Santa Eufémia

José Viseu Carvalho & Filhos Lda

Founded 1864
Owner José Viseu Carvalho family, the third generation of the Carvalho family

Quinta de Santa Eufémia was founded 1864 by Bernardo Rodrigues de Carvalho. In 1990 Quinta Santa Eufemia was divided in two Parts:

  • Sociedade Vitivinicola Quinta Santa Eufémia Lda, that use the brand Quinta Santa Eufémia, and is managed by the fourth generation of the family.
  • Casa de Santa Eufémia, owned by José da Silva Viseu de Carvalho, the third generation of the family.
  • They have mainly produced tawny but have a white port from 1973 and now also start vintage port production.

    Casa de Santa Eufemia Vintages:1999, 2003

    Vintage Port tasting notes:

    HouseCasa de Santa EufemiaVintage1999
    ColourStill quite dark but yellow mature in colour.Number of tastings3
    BouquetBlackthorn crème caramel and cream candy in the nose.Score range15.00 - 15.00
    TasteMedium body Mature and peaking. Burned candy in flavour. Complex and sweet with a nice and interesting finish.Average score15.00
    Last tasted3rd November 2014Point this date15.00
    CommentAt the Port Wine Festival in Copenhagen.
    TastersSAI, JB, SS

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