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Owner Real Companhia Velha

Amandio is very rare as vintage Port, bottled by Companhia Geral da Agricultura das Vinhas do Alto Douro, better known as Real Companhia Velha or Royal Oporto.

However, Amandio’s also exists as tawny and old colheitas bottled by Amandio Silva & Filhos Ltda. The last colheita we know of that is bottled by Amandio Silva is the 1955 Old Tawny. There is an Amandio's Old Tawny 1960 with identical lable bottled by Companhia Geral da Agricultura das Vinhas do Alto Douro. We do not know but it is likely that Amandio Silva & Filhos was a small company bought by the Real Companhia Velha Group in the 1960’ies. We are grateful for any information about this brand.

Amandio Vintages:1979, 1985

Vintage Port tasting notes:

Real Comp. Velha
ColourYellow mature quite beautiful in colour.Number of tastings1
BouquetStrang old bouquet and not quite harmonic of old hospital, pharmacy and butterscotch in the noseScore range14.40 - 14.40
TasteMedium body. Quite old in taste with some unbalanced acidity but still drinkable. More than mature and the acidity is tolerated in the quite nice and acceptable finish. This bottle should have been enjoyed some years ago.Average score
Last tasted26th December 2019Point this date14.40
CommentTasted at home with the family.
TastersSAI, JB, SS

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