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Vale do Inferno

Quinta da Rosa Vinhos do Porto, Lda.

Belonging to Quinta de la Rosa.

Vale do Inferno is the oldest vineyard at Quinta de la Rosa. It was built by Sophia Bergqvist's great grandfather, Albert Feuerheerd, just before the First World War and is situated along the banks of the Douro, two kilometers from Pinhão.

In the Quinta de la Rosa 1999 vintage port, all the grapes came from the vineyard Vale do Inferno. This is the only time that Vale do Inferno has been released as a Single Quinta Vintage Port.

Vale do Inferno Vintages:1999

Vintage Port tasting notes:

HouseVale do Inferno
Quinta de la Rosa
ColourDark blue, beautiful in colour.Number of tastings3
BouquetDark cherry, fruity, minty and dark berry in the nose.Score range15.75 - 15.90
TasteMedium body. Dark cherry in flavour. Sweet. Still immature and soft tannin. Nice and balanced. Loaded with fruit. Nice and quite attractive finish.Average score15.83
Last tasted6th June 2012Point this date15.90
CommentAt home with the family
TastersSAI, JB, SS

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