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Unknown Vintages

These are Vintage ports we have tasted but where we have not been able to figure out the producer.

Vintage Port tasting notes:

HouseUnknown Dark VintageVintage0
ColourMature elegant tawny colour.Number of tastings1
BouquetCrème caramel and burned sugar in the nose.Score range
TasteMedium body. Mature. Elegant and burned sugar in flavour. Alcoholic. Lovely burn finish. An old vintage which are near to crack.Average score
Last tasted20th March 2008Point this date15.50
CommentAt home with the family.
Bottled by a Danish merchant Hans Andersen in Copenhagen. Probably Feuerheerd.
TastersSAI, JB, SS
HouseUnknown vintageVintage1901
ColourQuite beautiful tawny in colour.Number of tastings1
BouquetCandy, butterscotch, some ginger and spiciness, cacao, coffee, cinnamon and crème caramel in the nose.Score range17.90 - 17.90
TasteMedium body. Mature and peaking. Balanced with still some sweetness. Cacao and spiciness in taste. Elegant and complex port with a wonderful and long finish. A rare vintage year and we wonder which house it can be.Average score
Last tasted25th December 2016Point this date17.90
CommentAt home with the family.
TastersSAI, JB, SS
HouseUnknown vintageVintage1917
ColourStill rather dark but quite beautiful mature yellow in colour.Number of tastings1
BouquetToffee, crema caramel, cream candy, butterscotch and much more in the nose.Score range16.75 - 16.75
TasteMedium body. Perfect mature and peaking. Will of course not be better. Balanced an very elegant and complex. Butterscotch, crème caramel and candy in taste with a lovely and very attractive finish.Average score
Last tasted23rd December 2017Point this date16.75
CommentAt home with the family.
Bottled by Garnett Brothers in Sheffield
TastersSAI, JB, SS

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